Hassan Law

Intake Procedure

Handling Inquiries / Intake Procedure

We receive several calls and emails each day by people inquiring about our services.  Often people have the impression that they will be able to speak directly with a lawyer and obtain legal advice.  We do not give legal advice over the phone or email.

People calling with regards to a legal matter must go through the intake procedure.

The intake procedure is a very important step in the lawyer/client relationship and also allows staff to determine if there are any potential conflicts of interest.

The first question we ask is how you heard about our firm. This question allows us determine how you were referred to our office.

The second question is what the matter is regarding. This question allows us to determine what intake form to use and whether it is the type of legal matter we handle. If it is a matter that we deal with, we may proceed to the intake form. If not we are always pleased to refer you to another lawyer.

During the intake we need to obtain as much detail as possible so that the lawyer can properly assess whether we are in a position to handle the matter.

People sometime expect to be able to speak to a lawyer and obtain legal advice over the telephone or in an email.  During the intake we do not give legal advice.  There is a standard procedure beginning with the intake, then the lawyer will review the information and a staff member will call you back to inform you if the lawyer can review the matter in more detail with the client. If the lawyer agrees to review the matter, an appointment to meet with the lawyer can be scheduled. This is called the initial consultation.  Most matters will require a consultation fee. Potential clients will be informed if the matter they are inquiring about requires a consultation fee.

Current Initial consultation fees are $250.00 + HST ($282.50), unless there is a substantial file to review.