Hassan Law

Family Law

A marriage or common-law breakup can devastate a wide circle of people, not just the couple and children involved, but extended families and friends. And yes, even cherished pets.

Perhaps you’re facing a divorce, legal separation, annulment, or custody dispute. Or seeking help to negotiate a prenuptial agreement or want advice on same-sex legal issues or adoption proceedings.  Practicing from London Ontario, Hassan Law has more than 60 years of collective experience in resolving issues related to domestic relations and family matters.

Every family law case is unique. Based on our wisdom and professional insight, Hassan lawyers can quickly assess the problem and determine whether court proceedings are necessary. Or whether private negotiations outside the court can resolve the issue with less pain, reduced costs and faster resolution.

Our bench strength is in family law, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you and your case with all the compassion, privacy and confidentiality you deserve.

Our team has family law expertise related to:

  • Marriage and foreign divorces
  • Same sex marriage and relationship breakdown
  • Marriage contracts, mediated agreements, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and other domestic contracts
  • Care and welfare of children
    • i.e. Child custody, relocation cases, access rights and responsibilities
  • Determination of property rights and interests
    • i.e. Trusts and corporate or business interests
  • Division of property or equalization of family property
  • Child support, support reviews or variation of support
  • Spousal support, support termination, limitation, review or variation of support
  • Enforcement of family court orders and agreements
  • Child protection and adoptions
  • Inter-provincial or international rights, International abduction or Hague Convention cases involving removal or return of children
  • Family adoptions